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aint this that nigga that told ricky “i would loooooveee to work under you” in noah’s arc??? naw???

yup that’s him

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Oakland Teen Akintunde Ahmad Has 5.0 GPA, Scores 2100 On SAT, Accepted Into Ivy League Schools

This is so beautiful. I love how he isn’t some geek nigga. I like how he mentions that people don’t believe him because of how he dresses but he doesn’t let it dictate his appearance

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Provinces of Luzon, Philippines

[Visayas, Mindanao]

*I forgot to put Bataan here, so I’m putting it in the ‘Provinces of Mindanao’ post. Sorry.

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the realest thing I’ve ever read. 

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My cousins the best at snapchat and you can’t convince me otherwise

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"Healing yourself is connected with healing others."
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